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Last Update: 22/05/2024


  Connexins and deafness
     - GJB2 (Cx26)
     - GJB3 (Cx31)
     - GJB6 (Cx30)
     - GJB1 (Cx32)
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     - Nonsyndromic deafness           mutations
     - Syndromic deafness           mutations
     - Frequent mutations
     - Other disease mutations
     - Big deletions or           insertions
     - GJB2 (Cx26)
     - GJB3 (Cx31)
     - GJB6 (Cx30)
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Do you want to know if a given mutation has already been described? Just write the nucelotide change (following the structure used in the tables) and click on search!!!

Nucleotide Change:    

Otherwise, you can enter the amino acid change (as in the mutation name field of the tables) and search if it already exists.

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